Air Yeezy 2 / Mercy

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The Air Yeezy 2’s are about to drop if you haven’t heard. And if you haven’t heard, then we’re guessing your internet must be broken cuz this has been all over the interwebz. They’ll go on sale Saturday morning but more »

Tupac @ Coachella

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For those of you who weren’t there (like us)- and for those who weren’t live streaming the festival all weekend, Coachella got under way this past weekend. As if it wasn’t enough of a thrill to have Dr. Dre & more »


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We rolled through Indio, CA a couple weeks ago – and it reminded us how we’ve always wanted to check out the Coachella festival. While it was tempting to set up a tent and hang around for a couple weeks, more »

The WU is Back!

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Raekwon could arguably be considered one of the most consistent members of Wu-Tang, next to Ghostface. Throughout his career, Rae has dabbled with various means of making his art more commercially viable, yet still remaining true to his craft! “While Shaolin more »

Bundle Up kids its cold outside…

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“Bundle Up” The Cool Kids dropped a new single with an appropriate title on Green Label Sound, off their new release, When Fish Ride Bicycles, out on iTunes this Spring. and don’t forget to bundle up. Enjoy

Rollins 50

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Poet, punk, actor, and writer Henry Rollins is soon to be 50. Rollins is now middle-aged, yet fit and sharp.  He approaches the half-century mark by undertaking a new talking tour simply titled 50 that shows his vitality has yet to be diminished. more »