Air Yeezy 2 / Mercy

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The Air Yeezy 2’s are about to drop if you haven’t heard. And if you haven’t heard, then we’re guessing your internet must be broken cuz this has been all over the interwebz. They’ll go on sale Saturday morning but if you aren’t already camped out in front of one of the few stores that will actually be getting their hands on these kicks, then you’re probably not going to get them. They retail for $245 but that’s pretty cheap considering they are already posted up on eBay in the range of $3000-$7000. There was a pair that was going for $90,000 but the seller has since taken the item down.

In other Kanye news, the video for his new song “Mercy” has also dropped. You can watch the video here. Ima let you finish watching the video, but Maxim Bady’s review of the video is the greatest video review of all time… all time. See what we did there?

Now enjoy the video review:

“I bet frogs are killing themselves right now going hoooo my god there are people who are actually slicker than us.”