“So what is lowlifestyle.com all about then? Well, in actual fact, it’s the meeting of two different groups from the car scene; Junk Styles and LowLifeStyle. And together, they formed lowlifestyle.com, one of the coolest sites we’ve seen in a long while. While the site mainly focuses on cars and, in particular, the scene around them in the US, whether it’s VWs, drifting, or whatever else, it also takes a look around different corners of car culture from all over the world too. The guys also like to talk about music, sports, and fashion too, so even if you get bored of look at all the cool cars on offer, there’s still plenty for you to check out.

The site’s also worth visiting for the impressive store section, where the guys have some really cool t-shirts and stickers on  offer for you to buy. We’re really digging some of the designs, and we reckon you will too…”