JunkFood Meet – Fall Edition

We’ve had so much fun hosting the first two JunkFood Meet events, that we decided it really needed to happen more than just once a year. So back in the spring we picked out two cool venues to do sort of a spring and fall edition. Unfortunately the second venue didn’t work out in the end – and we had to relocate quickly. We were stoked when our hometown City of Harrisburg welcomed us back for a second helping. Afterall, the Harrisburg Riverfront has already been a perfect venue. So with three weeks and some change to go, we switched gears and planned a fresh version of The JunkFood Meet HBG.

Turns out, this “second helping” of The JunkFood Meet was even bigger than the one we kicked off the summer with back in June. We just love the quality and the variety that turns out for these shows. It’s pretty cool to have friends of ours and enthusiasts from all over the different facets of car culture,┬átalking about cars,┬ávibing and eating good all day.

As always, the food was the co-star of the day. Most of the crown favorites were back in action… and we added some new and different trucks to keep things fresh! Just as we did in the spring, we had all of our food vendors happy to donate some funds at the end of the day to Driven To Cure – a charity and family that we support and show love to every chance we get! Unfortunately Andrew and the fam couldn’t make it to this event, but that didn’t stop us from still supporting the cause.

Once again the Vendor Village was filled with some of our friends with lifestyle brands and we were able to showcase a few cool artists as well. It’s so cool to see all of these elements come together into one big event.

At the end of the day we can’t imagine the show would have been this cool anywhere other than on the Harrisburg Riverfront. Both Spring and Fall editions of The JunkFood Meet were amazing! Thanks to everyone who has shown support. From the looks on some of your faces, you must have enjoyed the vibes!

We can’t wait to tell you all what’s on the menu for 2018. More JunkFood Meet excitement will definitely be on the way – and we do hope to bring one of these events to the Lancaster area since that didn’t work out as planned this year. But you know we can’t give up this awesome venue in hometown Harrisburg. Who knows what else may be in store! Stay tuned. But in the meantime, check out the rest of the photo set from our man on the scenes, Nick Becker. Cheers!