VW DustOff #1

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For as many years as we can remember, this small field in Campbelltown, PA was host to the Volksfest event. Last year, however, Volksfest moved its event to the Mount Hope Winery and Estate – leaving the venue open for Dust Off to move in and give the younger VW community a breath of fresh air – errr water?!

As the day started, it looked like Dust Off was going to be more like Dry Off as it was an ugly rainy day. But not long into the morning, the clouds broke free and it turned into quite a nice sunny, enjoyable day. For our crew, the first event of spring is about more than just cars. We make clothing and stickers that people seem to really like. So it’s a chance for us to get back in touch face-to-face with our customers, fans, friends, and community. Sticking with that same way of thinking, our coverage from this year’s events will likely feature more than just cars. Its about enjoying our culture and sharing it with our friends.

There’s been a growing trend at VW shows recently. The “stance” community has jumped on board – and it makes perfect sense because the VW community has been “stancing” their cars for years before it became a trending topic. Some of the more close minded VW owners seem to take offense to the inclusion of proper fitted Hondas, Subarus, BMWs, etc into their scene. But we think its a perfect fit and we love it.

Dust Off #1 was a great way to kick off the spring.

We’ll be at many more events as the spring and summer moves on, but we’ll be also anticipating Dust Off #2 next spring.

Here’s some more photos from the event.