Tuner Evolution – part 1

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This past weekend was a busy one for us. It was known to some as the “epic weekend of the east”. That’s because the annual Tuner Evolution car show was going on at Sovereign Bank Stadium in York, PA on Saturday – and Sunday was WekFest’s first visit to the east coast in Jersey. You know it’s got to be epic if we went to Jersey for an event , but that’s not what this is about. This is about Tuner Evolution. Jay Martinez and Dan Champagne and the crew did their thing with a difficult but unique event venue once again.

We brought out Quan’s TSX and we knew it would be a crowd favorite.

Then we mixed in a little of our own flavor with a trio of old school vw’s on the pavement.

This show is notorious for bringing out some of the quality show cars from all over. There’s always a tough competition for the top honors.

In addition to tough competition, this event has also developed a reputation for bringing a good representation of different genres within the scene. We brought out the old school euro flavor. While others brought out the VIP and JDM themed vehicles.

Bays for days…

Was very cool to see Aaron Vaccar’s Subaru make an Auto Life Tour appearance. This car was retired two years ago and yet is still so relevant today.

Aaron’s SEMA car – as well as other SEMA cars from Tjin Edition and R Miller Autobody were on display.

R Miller also had their one-of-a-kind S4 powered Corrado parked right up on the front sidewalk.

Our photographer for this segment, Jason Richardson, brought his carbon kitted IS-F all the way up from North Carolina for this epic weekend extravaganza.

There were some dope fitted cars on display all over the Stadium.

This is just a sampling of all the fun there was to be had throughout the weekend. We’ve got another photo set from Nick from Saturday – and we haven’t even gotten to WekFest yet. We’ll be sorting thru all sorts of photos from that event over the next couple days too. Hope you’re excited. We sure are.

Til then, here is the rest of Jason’s photo-set from Tuner Evolution: