Tropic Thunder

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Long time friend of ours and avid supporter of our business, Mason Sattazahn has been hanging with us since we’ve started. Even before actually. So it’s been cool to watch his car progress little by little along the way. Recently, however, Mason’s car has reached a point where we just had to share it with everyone. So we made sure that our photographer, Anthony Feliciano and Mason planned to meet up and do a quick photoshoot. We must say, the pics are as stunning as the car.
Mason has recently added an AirLift system with the V2 digital auto-pilot management as well as a set of VIP Modular VXS wheels. The fitment is so on point, its ridiculous.
The Ecode headlights peak out from behind the boser hood.
Representing the scumbag movement.
Super cool to see Mason’s car coming along so nicely. We’d thought you’d enjoy.


Vehicle Specs: 2000 tropic orange vr6 gti
262 cam, intake
2.5 inch exhaust. (Tt high flow cat and borla pro xs muffler)
United Motorsports chip with cam profile, 93 octane and exhaust profile
Euro image Tuning motor mount spacers and mk3 steel vr pan
Euro bumpers with 4 motion valance. Gli side skirts. Boser hood and badgeless grill.
Ecode headlights. Ocean tail lights.
Airlift slam Xl front struts and performance rears.
5 gal chubby tank with one 410cc compressor.
V2 digital autopilot management.
Idf drop plates in rear with an additional one degree shim on each side.
Rare wood momo. 20th anniversary seats. Euro light switch.
VIP modular vxs 610 18×9 et 17 and 18×10 et 30 wrapped in 205/40 and 215/40.