Spring Breakdown: Recap Part 3

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Becker’s Bonus Coverage – The hits keep coming! Either that or Shawn had technical difficulties and just found another 150+ photos on a memory card from our in-house photographer, Nick Becker. This part of the photoset highlights the vendor midway and the general “outcast” x “hard parker” show field. Such a cool variety of styles were on display – we’re truly blown away by the turnout.

The Rmiller Auto Fam brought out some cool stuff as usual.

Baked Goods Creative always hooks us up with sweet banners and signage. They brought out a fleet of cool stuff.

BattleGang – the new heavy hitters came out strong as well.

This thing is so rad.

The Formative Fitment crew bring the fun.

The eJudged Battle Wagon “Black Edition” and their 2017 Championship Belt commanding the midway.

… and their booth car fresh off the SEMA Show Floor – The Gurnade Design x Lightner Motorsports Veloster.

One of our favorite cars from last summer’s JunkFood Meet – sporting a whole new look.

The Outcast Outfield featured a ton of cool JDM cars and American old school stuff. And even a few cool timeless euro cars made their way over to park with their homies.

Enjoy the rest of this bonus coverage from Spring Breakdown.