Spring Breakdown: Recap Part 2

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Freshy takes the field – The Spring Breakdown event is not really a tale of 2 showfields. It’s one big event featuring an all euro showfield and a general hard parker showfield – living together in unity. SinceĀ our one photographer Nick Becker is a partner in the JunkStyles x Lowlifestyle business, he’s also gotta tend to the operations of the show and of our merch booth. Freshy Entertainment Josh gets to take the show in from a broader perspective – although he is one of the crew and can be found helping out in the booth for most of the day as well. It’s pretty cool to see the event thru different people’s perspectives – and we hope to be able to bring you interesting coverage like this from all of our events this season.

There was a great mix of everything on the general showfield. Very cool to see this event being supported by the masses.

Our homie Andy Conklin brought out his timeless Accord with the sick engine bay. This thing looks better every time we see it.

Love it or hate it… this thing is rad!

There’s always a place for American Muscle and the Classics!

Not even sure what to say about this, but it sure did take a lot of work.

Bimmer Power – represented on both showfields.

Jimmy’s rare Panasports are so rad. They earned him the Best Wheels custom printed skate deck award too!

DJ Masterpeel held it down on the stage all day. He provided the vibes throughout the event.

The eJudged 2017 Championship Belt made a stop on its Award Tour. Every Best of Show winner this year will qualify for their chance at the hardware.

Speaking of which – Joe Kautz PVW featured RHD Golf took home the honors.

This Formative Fitment Fozzie was found up the creek without a paddle.

We host some pretty laid back events. Sometimes you’ll catch the staff doing donuts.

We gotta say Freshy did a great job at catching the positive atmosphere of the event thru his photos too.

Some of the award winners stepped their camera pose games up for this one too.

At the end of the day it was another great time with our co-hosts and everyone who attended. Much more to come in 2017. But thanks for coming out. And enjoy the rest of Freshy’s photo set from the 2nd Annual Spring Breakdown at Campbelltown.