Panda Junction

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We don’t travel to too many events anymore. We spend a great deal of time preparing for our own events. But we gotta support those who have supported us, so we do travel to a few can’t miss events in our region during the course of any spring and summer. We missed Panda Junction last year because it rained all weekend. This year, we decided we would take our chances with the weather. We got some rain – including a 15 min torrential downpour – and it was windy all day. But that didn’t stop the community from coming together and having a great time at one of the east coast’s largest meets.

We were set-up next to our friends at Driven To Cure – and Formative Fitment, right on the main walkway to the stadium… which has become our unofficial official boothspace for this event over the past few years. We enjoyed a great day hanging with old friends, new friends, meeting new people, and selling tons of stickers and new shirts. 2017 is off to a great start! Yeah, we brought out the timeless european build flavor to our booth space – as you knew we would.

Y’all came for the cars, but we came to see your dogs!

We also came to see good friends. That’s what this community is really all about in the long run.

And of course – there were some rad cars on display. Panda Junction and the Tuner Evolution events always bring out the quality and the current trends.

But more to our tastes, it was cool to see some old school builds in the house.

Good times at Ripken Stadium! Thanks to Jay and staff for having us come out for the event!

Shouts to the one and only Nick Becker – aka @becker_junkstyles – for taking the photos as usual.

Enjoy all of the photos from Panda Junction Spring Edition 2017. Cheers!