Panda Junction – York

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It was a bit of a throwback as Tuner Evolution brought their Panda Junction meet event to York, PA – where the TE events started out some 12 years ago. We’ve got a busy schedule this season but we always enjoy coming out to a Panda Junction or Tuner Evolution event in our area. It’s great to see our friends and car culture family, as well as to see some of the coolest JDM and Euro Builds on display. It’s great to feel the love from the people too, as our products seem to be a big hit with just about everyone that attends grassroots laid back events as well as some of the more serious “elite” automotive events. We ended up with quite a big line-up for our booth cars too… Its cool to see that so many people wanna support us!

There were definitely some rad builds in attendance. And our main man behind the lens, Becker, got to try out his new camera as well! There was a little bit of something for everyone who considers themselves an automotive enthusiast.

At the end of the day, these events are about the people. Shout out to our friends and car culture family. Keep supporting events in your area – and take a drive to events outside of your area whenever possible. It’s great when people can work together to better the culture.

Thanks again to Jay and the rest of the TE/PJ staff for having us out. Check out the rest of the photos. Cheers!