OC Car Show

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So apparently drunken senior week kids aren’t our “target demographic” – or maybe it’s just that they no longer pay $20 to get into a car show. But we still got to chill with some cool people, check out some cool cars, and spend a weekend at the beach. The event has been going strong for 10 years and has been a favorite of many of the east coast’s car people since it’s beginning. We had a great time. Beach, cars, girls, performances by Freeway and Lloyd Banks, and answering the question “what kind of car is this?” about a thousand times… how can that not be a great weekend?!? The answer was Hyundai Equus – as we had Mummbles Marketing’s aired-out executive class car in our booth. We even got to cruise it on the Ocean City strip on friday for a bit. We also had our homie Josh Deshong’s bobber in the booth – and he had his RHD Prelude parked right next door along with Bob’s white VIP style Benz in the Tuner Evolution booth.

Our highlight reel from the weekend would include the dude who walked on his hands down the front steps of the hotel for a beer Brah, tasty cakes, watching the air show from our booth spot, and that one tough guy security staffer who takes his job a little too seriously – You’re not allowed to leave, but don’t make me forcefully remove you. But we didn’t really take pictures of that stuff …

so instead, check out the pictures that we did take: