KnoeDown Recap: Part 1

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Just two months ago, we came up with the idea to host an event of our own. We thought about all the events that we attend, and we wanted to do something different. We decided to team up with our friends at CounterKultur for the event and together we thought we could offer up a fun alternative to all the events who take themselves super seriously. For our event, the main theme was going to be simple… Come and have fun with other car people!
What better way to have fun than at an amusement park!? We decided to do the event at Knoebel’s Amusement Park in Elysburg, PA. It’s America’s largest free admission park, and great cooperation with the Knoebel’s people made it a no-brainer. With only a few short weeks of promotion, we were quite surprised to see such a great turn out.
The homie Anthony Feliciano stopped by the event to have a great time with the family in the park… and also to take some photos of some of his favorite cars that were in attendance. We will have more photo coverage of the event to come, but for now enjoy Anthony’s take on the event… and the first installment on our overall coverage of KnoeDown. If you missed it this year, don’t worry too much, as there has already been talk of a sequel.
Quan Smalls came out with his SVS Crew/ Serious Innovations Part 2. He went home with a little bit of fresh hardware as we did give out 11 awards throughout the event to various vehicles in attendance.
For example, this RHD “Best Euro” winning Corrado. So clean!
This bad ass Datsun 510 wagon was quite possibly our favorite car of the weekend though!
Our involvement in the VW scene made for one of the most interesting mixes in car turnouts that we’ve seen in some time. With both old school euro flavor in attendance…
… and new school asian influence. This Z looked mean as hell.
Just a quick recap of the event, we’ll have more in store in the coming days! Including more photos! For now, enjoy the full photoset from Anthony’s trip to KnoeDown. Thanks!