Import Alliance Summer Meet

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For the past few years now we’ve been hearing more and more hype generated over Import Alliance’s huge meets. This year we finally had every intention of attending the Summer Meet and setting up a booth for our gear. However, prior commitments to two different local shows, a family beach trip, and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see an English Premier League soccer match between Tottenham HotSpur (Come On You Spurs!) and Liverpool on US soil all on the same weekend meant that we decided there wasn’t time to squeeze in an 8 hour journey to Charlotte, NC. Good thing for us, we know people. One of our favorite photographers, Jason Richardson, just so happens to live in Charlotte and drive a dope IS-F that he took to the meet.

Recently, there has been some discussion in our different circles of whether meets or “shows” are better. We like them both. Shows tend to get a more serious car builder to attend for the competition aspect of the event, while the meets seem to draw in a bigger crowd and a more wide range of vehicles. For a vendor though, it’s tough to measure how long you will have an audience at a meet because quite often people start to leave well before the event time is over. Either way, we’re bummed that we didn’t get a chance to road trip down to the American South for this giant event. There’s always next time.

It’s nice to see some familiar faces were in attendance and came correct.

This K-20 Caddy blew us away when we “Seen It” in Chicago last year. He must have made quite a long journey down for this event.

More fun with K-series motors. Yeah you’re seeing that right… it’s in the trunk.

The ZMax Dragway @ Charlotte Motor Speedway was crammed full of awesome for the weekend.

Cool plate bruh…

Scion FR-S’s have been starting to pop up here and there. SEMA is coming… and we’re pretty excited that our logo will be making the trip out to Vegas on one of these cars.

We love the purp and gold treatment on this bay. Lake Show.

Long live the Z:

As always, we want to thank Jason for taking these photos and sharing them with us… so that we may share them with all of you. Looks like IA Summer Meet was an event not to be missed. These photos make us feel almost like we didn’t miss it! Enjoy them for yourself and see if you feel like you experienced it too. If not, we might just be on one right now.