Cult Classic

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It was another early Sunday as we woke up at the crack of dawn and headed out to Coopersburg, PA for the annual Cult Classic show. So far it’s been a great summer interacting with the community at these events. And this weekend didn’t let us down, as the booth was packed with homies, cool cars, and customers all day long.

The showfield was packed and we’re pretty sure there was an increase from last year’s event. It looked pretty huge!

Cult Classic was cool enough to include a “special interest” area for all the non-dubbers who love to come to these events. This has become one of the coolest aspects of the vw/audi shows this year… cars that aren’t vws and audi’s but respect the culture.

But of course the main attraction for most at this show was the VW’s. The main attraction for us was the sketchy shopping center across the street that features only generally named businesses (Mexican Grill, American Sandwich, Copy & Fax, etc.).

This thing was bad ass…

Oh yeah… and then there was this…

So as you can see, there was something for everybody at Cult Classic… and at the end of the day there was a White Castle nearby. A winning combination!

Enjoy the photos: