Carlisle Performance & Style – part 1

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This past weekend we headed out to the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds for their annual Performance & Style event. Carlisle has been throwing huge fairgrounds car shows for just shy of 40 years – and has been putting on a sport compact event for at least fifteen of those years. Back in the day this show (then known as the Custom Compact show) was known to get a little rowdy. Then came the Fast & Furious years – which filled the fairgrounds but also made a joke out of the word “tuner”. People outside the scene saw the dollar signs attached to our culture and judging politics made the original compact and performance car builders frustrated. We’re happy to say that Carlisle stuck through those years and is once again seeing an increase in attendees and competitors. We heard there was lines of cars 300 deep all afternoon on Saturday and the grandstands were filled for all of the events, so that sounds like a success to us!

The cool thing about Carlisle P&S is that you can see a wide variety of different tastes and styles. There is always a great mix of today’s current trends and the ones we loved a few years ago but would never admit to it now. It really is a show with something for everybody and the Carlisle staff does a great job putting together such a large scale event, without making it feel like a high dollar corporate car show.

We were excited to team up with Carlisle once again this year. We set up shop inside Building Y and we invited a bunch of friends and stance-minded car builders to share our space with us – we called it Dirty Stancing. We’d like to thank all of the guys and girls who brought out their fitted vehicles for our display. We wanted to stick with the atmosphere that Carlisle has already provided by having a good range of different fitment styles on display.  Mission accomplished.

Shout out to Squeaky Clean Matt from Toronto for gathering some Canadian stance cars and making the journey on down here.

We enjoyed hosting our own building because it meant we could create a reggaeton and dubstep-free environment.

As usual, we met a ton of cool people and had fun talking sh*t to all of our new friends throughout the weekend. We also got a chance to hang out with people that we only see a few times a year at events like this.


It was nice to see Liz in good spirits after her car accident not too long ago. Glad she was able to get out and hang with the crew again!



A big thank you goes out to Jim V who was in charge of the show this year. The homie Patrick – aka Paddy – was one of our favorite event managers to hang out with. So when we heard he was going to be moving on, we were worried the show might suffer. But Jim picked up where Patrick left off, and the show turned out great! Job well done.

We can’t wait to see what Carlisle has in store for next year’s event – and we also can’t wait to see what we have in store for next year’s event. I bet you can’t wait either. This is just part 1 of our coverage. More pictures to come in the next few days – as well as a recap of our weekend of Dirty Stancing and some features of the cars that joined us there. Until then, check out round 1 of our photos: