Auto Life Tour

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Enter 2011, Aaron Vaccar’s AutoLife Tour is introduced for the first time! The AutoLife Tour is a cross-country traveling attraction featuring a massive vinyl-wrapped rig and stacker trailer, wild one-off custom cars, lifestyle lounge display, sponsor give-aways, as well as presenting the limited “Livin’ the Life” award – And it will only exclusively be stopping at 20 select events this year! It’s all about living the lifestyle and having fun, so stop by and hang!


The interactive AutoLife Tour website, a.k.a. the AutoLife Social Hub, is a step in a new direction for the modern car culture. Its all about the enthusiasts, and we wanted to develop something that is directed at ‘giving back’ to the car guys and girls. But, you will have to wait and see just what its all about, on March 25th, 2011 for the official debut!

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