College Park Tuning Meet

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For the past few years we’ve been hearing about Maryland’s College Park Tuning Meet – from our friends at Tuner Evolution amongst others. So when we found out that it was coming up in a few days, we decided we wanted to check it out and see what the hype was all about. We met up with some homies in the morning and rolled down to Bowie, MD early in the morning. When we arrived at the venue, we were surprisingly greeted by some nice professional staff members – who were helpful and had hooked us up with a great location. We’ll go ahead and say it, most of the time when you roll up to a “tuner” event, the staff members are more concerned with acting like security guards than treating their customers/sponsors with respect.

As the morning progressed into afternoon, we realized we were a part of something big. Cars as far as the eye could see. Every stadium parking lot was filled to capacity and some cars might have even gotten turned away. It was a good variety too – S2000 clubs, Viper clubs, G35 clubs, exotics, muscle cars, as well as plenty of the stuff you normally see.

Speaking of  “what all the hype is about”… about mid-day the IAG Performance rig pulled up with a fleet of Subaru’s. Not the least of which was this new internet sensation, owned by Joy Abdalla. So sick!

For us it was one of the most enjoyable events that we’ve been to so far. We met a ton of new people, sold huge amounts of product, and we saw a lot of good quality cars.

Yes, there were also some not-so-good quality cars in attendance, but they were just as entertaining.

Our booth was packed with people all day long – and we were blessed to have some cool cars parked with us. One side of the booth featured Justin Wagner’s turbo Civic – while the other side featured our old pal Matt Waln’s insane static 7 series Bimmer. Later on in the day we were joined by Mr (Andre) Pham and his Lexus… parked closely to a few of his Liberty VIP crew homies. We couldn’t have asked for a better representation of what we’re all about.

Count us in for next year’s meet. Check out our pictures from the event and then count yourself in for next year’s meet as well.