WekFest East – Part 1

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After closing down the baseball stadium the night prior for Tuner Evolution, we had to get up at the crack of dawn (before actually) to make the voyage out to lovely New Jersey for WekFest. We loaded up – and twisted up – and were on our way! Can’t remember an event bringing this much anticipation to the east coast in quite some time.

We missed our early a.m. window of opportunity, but the staff was happy to still let us in. We had our booth tucked neatly into the back corner – so as not to offend many others in the convention center. But it turned out to be a great spot right next to the official show booth and awards ceremony. We had Jason’s IS-F sitting boothside for the second leg of the double-header weekend.

The real excitement came when the fire marshall made every person leave the building toward the end of vehicle roll-in. Turns out carbon monoxide is bad for you… who knew?? This actually made things quite interesting as everyone got to watch and film the cars arriving for the show.

WekFest managed to bring out some cars that we hadn’t yet seen at other events on the east coast…

… as well as bringing out some old favorites that we hadn’t seen in forever.

Our homie Alex Witkin also showed up with his highly anticipated bug-eye STI re-build. And it did not disappoint.  So much awesome seeing these two cars parked side-by-side.

Alex wasn’t the only Team Emotion car sporting a fresh makeover.

MC Slick and his Stupid Fresh Civic was in the building.

Loved the colorway on this IS300.

We’ve Seen this K20 Caddy and the matching Ruckus all over the place this year. Still so cool though!

We could go on for days about how much fun we had at WekFest – about how it was cool to attend a show and see something new and different – about how it was a great idea to have a show that only lasts 5 hours (never mind the fact that it ran a little late because they weren’t done judging) – about how much this show lived up to its hype… but we we think the pictures will speak for themselves. We could also tell you that Eric locked his keys in his trunk and we were the last people to leave the parking lot that night. But he probably wouldn’t appreciate us throwing him under the bus like that. So… enjoy part 1 of our WekFest experience with a photo set from Jason Richardson.