Tuner Evolution – take 2

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We’ve just about always got multiple photographers at events. And we always say that there will be a “part 2” to our show coverage. Jokes on you this time though, because we’re following thru with that claim. It’s pretty neat to see the show thru the different perspective of our different photographers, as Nick likes to interact with the people alot.

While this event was partially about the people that help make it happen, it was also about the cars and the entertainment. As we already told you in part 1 of our coverage, there were a lot of top quality cars on display and in competition at the event – despite the fact that rain showers passed thru a couple times during the evening.

This Charger kinda blew us away. We had seen it at another event earlier this year but got a little more time to look it over at Tuner Evolution.

As always with a Tuner Evolution managed event, the  NTO Motorsports trio of Corolla’s came out. Whether you’re into the 86’s or not – we certainly are…  you’ve got to respect these cars.

The show unique venue layout brought spectators inside the stadium on their walk back to the stage area – thru the model midway. We don’t see much of this at the vw shows. But we’re all for it!

Ruckus gang or die.

The 4EverKustoms crew brought out this ridiculous xB. We never even saw this before, Diemy.

House of Champions.

Kickin It Old Skool.

Enjoy the rest of the photos. And still to come – part 2 of our WekFest photos from the 2nd day of this Epic Weekend double-header.