The Elegant Equus

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East coast – and worldwide – dominator Pete Colello, and his Mummbles Marketing firm kept it classy with this executive Equus from Hyundai. The car debuted at SEMA and is featured in this month’s Performance Auto & Sound Magazine – titled The Diplomat. Not alot of people know about this car yet, but it’s yet another surprisingly awesome car from Hyundai. We could sum it up as a Bentley-on-a-budget.  Hyundai even offers valet delivery service to buyers of the car.  What they don’t offer is the stuff that Mummbles did –  i.e.  500+ horsepower turbo V8, carbon fiber everything, double-diamond stitched leather, dual iPads in the back seats, big chunky Work Wheels and an AirLift suspsension.

Photos by findjut