Sooory for Tire Smoking.

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We had the honor of meeting Peter Chrisikopoulos this past weekend as he traveled down to the Carlisle Performance & Style event to be a part of our Dirty Stancing display. After a long journey south across the Canadian/US border, Peter and Matt from Squeaky Clean (along with a couple others) arrived late Friday evening – almost too late to get them inside the building in fact. We understood it was a long drive and we were frankly happy to see that they were allowed to cross the border with heavily modified vehicles. We unlocked the doors to our home for the weekend to squeeze the few last cars inside. Peter’s S13 was unloaded from the trailer and the first thought that came to our minds was, this is a legit drift car here. This isn’t a drift themed daily driven “stance” car… this is a RHD beast that really does like to get sideways.

The car features a high compression SR20DET motor that runs on E85 and makes 500whp and 450 torque.

NEO Motorsports coilovers and big brakes help get him sideways and stopped.

Peter currently competes in the DMCC Pro (Drift Mania Canadian Championships) – but his goal, of course, is to be a part of Formula Drift in 2013. Good luck Peter!

After a great relaxing weekend inside the building, you know we couldn’t send Peter home without at least one little conversation with event security.  So at the end of our photoshoot fun, we decided to see this thing burn some tires.

Thanks again to the boys from up north for bringing their unique vehicles down to chill with us at the event. Hopefully we’ll see more of this car in the future.

Enjoy the rest of our photos: