Part 2 – Brazil Scene

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As it turns out, ask and you shall receive! We ran a story the other day featuring some Brazilian drifting action. At the end of the story we said – next time send us photos of those beautiful Brazilian girls. So here you go… our new friend from Brazil sent us along some pictures showing us that cars and girls go hand-in-hand in Latin American automotive culture as well.

He says…
“Events in Brazil are powered by the rhythm of Funk, better known as ‘Pancadão’, with lyrics provocative the girls down to the ground (Low Life Style), are dozens of simultaneous events around the country.”

Low Life Style in Brazilian land,
Robson Barbosa.

Thanks again Robson. We especially love your new definition for Low Life Style.
Drop it low, ladies.

Look forward to more cool Latin American car culture stuff from Robson in the future.