Mk1 Madness

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This past weekend we set out towards Maple Grove Raceway Park again for the annual gathering of old school vw enthusiasts known as Mk1 Madness. The event takes place at the campground adjacent to the dragstrip, and while you could hear the sounds of american muscle burning down the track off in the distance all weekend, it was quite a different story in the woods. The show itself is only open to Mk1 vw’s and takes place on Sunday at seemingly no particular time. But the crowd begins to show up on friday throughout the day to set up camp – which is when we came and set up our little shanty town right along the edge of the main drag. Aside from the Sonic cruise Saturday afternoon, the rest of the weekend was spent around campfires, drinking beer, ghost-riding vanagons, and hanging out with Justin Beiber and Lou Diamond Phillips look-alikes. As you might guess, a certain amount of chaos ensued, but the event staff was on top of things – making sure the weekend was both fun and safe for everyone. The campground was a cool environment for an event like this.  Thanks to Esher and the fam for having us out!

We snapped some pics throughout the weekend and of course on Sunday out on the showfield. Enjoy!