Import Alliance Baltimore

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We couldn’t find time in our busy schedules to make the short trip down to Cal Ripken Stadium just outside of Baltimore to attend Import Alliance’s latest meet. But luckily we had correspondents on the scene. Donnie and Quan headed down in the TSX to see what there was in store.

It looked like the event was a good time. Not quite as big as the huge Import Alliance meet that took place in NC earlier this summer, but still a pretty big turnout.

Our old homie Matt Waln showed up with another creation out of his arsenal of BMW’s. This one is an LS powered M3.

Quan’s TSX posted up.

We’ve seen a few of these cars before at other events in the region. Definitely some cool stuff in the hard parking department.

We’re glad to see that meets are  happening all over the place and that people are getting to have a good time hanging with the community. This looks like it was another good one!