H2Oi – part 3 – The Show

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After all the partying, and all the Coastal Highway cruising, and all the meets – on Sunday – comes the actual show. The old venue, Ocean Downs, opened up a new casino this year – so that meant H2O International would have to move to a new venue. But there’s not many places that are big enough to hold an event of this size. They finally decided on a Catholic school on the same road as the old venue. Aside from rain, mud, and traffic jams – it proved to be a pretty cool spot for the show.

Over 1,000 cars were crammed into the parking lots and various grass fields all around the school – title sponsors out front, normal vendors out back. Out front is where you could find the huge display with our friends at AirLift and Rotiform – who teamed up with Bag Riders and Dub Korps respectively.

We were set up out back in the same spot we held down during the Big Ass BBQ. We were sure to get up at the crack of dawn so we could claim as much of our space that we paid for as possible because we had to squeeze even more cars into the booth. On Sunday, we were joined by the same four cars as on Saturday – plus Mike’s Mk4 Jetta on Lambo wheels.

The rain held off for most of the day and we got to meet a ton of cool people, as well as chill with some of our homies and alot of customers we recognized from other shows. We added our first member of the 40/40 club on Sunday – as we decided a fair price for 40 stickers was $40. Sometimes we’re blown away by how much people like our shit! H2O was a great success for us and a great time as well. Hopefully they can secure this or another suitable venue for next year’s event, because we’re already planning on attending.

Here’s some photos we snapped during lunch and bathroom breaks from sales in the booth. This past weekend we learned that NUE’s are the new BLQ’s – and that RS’s are still pretty popular. Enjoy.

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