Fitted FES 2

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One of the coolest things about our business has been the amount of international love we receive. For the past few months, we’ve been shipping tons of orders to the UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Russia, Brazil, etc. The first nation to show us international love though, was Japan. So it’s always cool when these guys send us a dope photo set from the Japan meets. We love nothing more than sharing how people live the low lifestyle all over the world.

Fitted FES 2 took place in Nagashima, Japan last weekend, July 8th. We did bring you coverage of Fitted FES 1 and we recognize some of the cars. It’s actually cool to see that some of those cars that we saw at the first meet have progressed slightly since then. There were also some cars that we didn’t recognize, but were super impressed with. 

And as you might guess at a fitment meet in Japan, there was also a lot of real cool and unique things to check out. 

We would like to thank  Takafumi Ebata for once again sharing these photosets with us. Check out his link at:

Enjoy the rest of the photos: