Carlisle Performance & Style – Part 2

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In addition to walking around the giant fairgrounds and finding stuff that we thought was cool, we also had the homie, photographer, and JDM legend Jason Richardson in attendance this past weekend at Carlisle P&S. He was able to snap some photos of the show and some of the action. As you can see, the showfield was packed on Saturday!

Dirty Stancing cars getting dropped of and set-up Friday afternoon:

Shawn trying to track down the JunkStyles boys Friday evening:

Industry icons set up on the Midway:

Drifting action:


Drive-thru judging:

Titans of Technology:

Tuned in T building –  SEMA x WRTeam display cars – featuring Mummbles Marketing, R Miller Autobody, RedBeard Tattoo, Creative Car-Tunes, to name a few. This row of cars was like a lesson in attention-to-detail for all the youngsters in attedance.

Also inside Building T was the Tuner Evolution booth along with their Kickin’ It Old Skool display. They brought out some real dope sh*t for the event.

Building Y – LLSxJS Stance hall days:

… even outside the building. You can stance where you want to.

At Carlisle, you can always expect to see something interesting :

Apparently someone on the fairgrounds was mad though… and everyone seemed to know about it:

We can’t lie though. We weren’t mad at anybody. We actually had a pretty damn good time at this year’s Carlisle Performance & Style event. You won’t be mad anymore either after you check out the rest of Jason’s photos from the event. Enjoy!