JunkFood Meet Fall Edition – York, PA

This year has been a whirlwind. We’ve been to a lot of cool events put on by some of our friends within the culture. In addition, we stepped things up with our own events to the next level. The JunkFood Meet is no longer just a hometown show for us – although the hometown version will probably always be the crowd favorite. Taking the series on the road hasn’t been the easiest task. It rained all day during our Summer Edition, and we checked out a ton of venues for the Fall Edition. Most of the places we checked out just didn’t have the right vibe – although some were just too small. When we finally stumbled on the Reid Menzer Memorial Skatepark in York, we knew it was an easy choice for the final JunkFood Meet of the year. We had wanted to incorporate skate and BMX culture into our events already – and the surrounding grass and parking lot area were a good fit for what we wanted to do. And the City of York got behind us right off the bat, feeling that this event would be great for the community.

As we always do at our JunkFood Meet events, we showcased much more than the car scene and lifestyle booths. When we first started featuring local artists and street artists, we assumed we would be searching for talent before each and every show. But instead, all of our artists have bonded with the crew and become a recurring part in our little traveling circus. 13th Street Airbrushing continued painting our Best of Show awards right up until they skipped town and moved the shop to Austin, TX. Congrats to them! Eddie Dos Santos has joined us from NJ all year long. And of course, Bryant and Bizo have continued to innovate the street art elements to the event. In York, Bryant and Bizo teamed up on a huge canvas piece that was raffled off at the end of the day to support Bryant’s upcoming Piece By Piece Project. The Project will help raise awareness for suicide and addiction. We love the project and plan to fully support it going forward thru our events.

The Munchie Midway led from the showfields to the skate park – and as usual was a main attraction of the event. Afterall, you can’t build a show called The JunkFood Meet without good food. We are so grateful of the love we get from the street food community.

We had such great support from friends in the industry this past year. We couldn’t have done it without them. We’ve learned a lot from this year and we’ve got a great game plan in place already for next year. We can’t wait to collaborate once again with those that supported our 2018 events.

We get such a cool variety of cars at our events… and we love every bit of it. The Fall Edition was no different – as some of the VW/Audi scene’s cleanest builds were in attendance.

Some of the hardest JDM builds were on display – and we are a sucker for some of the rad old school JDM stuff.

There were some real deal drift cars that rolled thru.

And as always, a cool variety of other stuff – new and old was on hand.

The Fall Edition embraced Skate and BMX Culture… and we were happy to see so many of you bust out the boards and bikes. We didn’t know some of the homies could rip like that.

We say this every time, and we think you’ve caught on by now… but The JunkFood Meet is all about good vibes. Good times with friends and family.

Thanks to everyone who came out to any of our JunkFood Meet events this year – or that stopped by our booth at events across the east coast. We can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for Car Culture and for our brand. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves, so stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the JunkFood Meet Fall Edition photos by @becker_junkstyles.